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MOS - WC Crossover

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United States of America  Drex  (User)

Name : Jon Drexler
Member since : 12 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 6
Status : Offline
Posted : 12 Apr 2012 at 13:43
This is an attempt to move a conversation thread out of the news area and into the forums.

Players who compete in MOS, especially one-ball events, wonder how to translate their skills to participate in events like the WC/EC where different equipment is used.
Similarly, players who compete in the traditional WMF circuit have been interested in how to transition to MOS events.

I'm hoping that we can share the similarities between theise two styles, because there are many.
It would also be good to share ideas on how newer players to both styles should prepare to maximize their enjoyment and performance as newer players.

United States of America  Drex  (User)

Name : Jon Drexler
Member since : 12 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 6
Status : Offline
Posted : 12 Apr 2012 at 14:03
In another thread, Phillipe asked:
"What is the more difficult for american players when they come to play on european systems. Is it the lanes, or is it the choice of the balls?"

My opinion, and this may vary by player, is that ball selection is the more difficult of the two.
I've been fortunate enough to have great coaches and some of the other teams have been helpful in learning the lines on a given lane.
Ball selection is a problem for two reasons. First, it is unlikely that we have all the balls necessary to cover all the lanes as only a handful of Americans have ever played overseas. Second, even if we do have the correct ball, there is a lack of playing time to understand how it changes as the weather varies. Even with one-ball here in the States, a lot of effort goes into understanding how the lines change as the course heats up or if it is humid.

Ball selection impacts our scores in two areas. First, some of the holes are not makeable (esp on concrete) without the proper ball. Second, the lack of experience makes speed control more difficult as we are constantly switching between balls of different weights and bounce.

I would also pose a third issue: clubs
We use PGA-style putters here in the States. Some of our players have used the same style for decades. Switching to a putter that weighs more, is balanced differently, and has a rubber face is a tough change for some players. Getting a feel for speed and understanding that the feedback for putts is different is not obtained overnight.

Let me pose this question back to the group:
If a new country was attending the EC/WC, how would you suggest that they prepare? Let's assume that it is a country familiar with PGA golf but unfamiliar with the WMF equipment...

Finland  JJM  (Admin)

Name : John Mittler
Member since : 13 Nov 2008
Number of posts : 365
Status : Offline
Posted : 15 Apr 2012 at 10:07
Some new or smaller countries (like USA, GBR etc.) hire a local coach, who understands about the balls.

Some countries like Taiwan try to do the coaching on their own, often making some very odd ball choices, and lose big time.

It is not very fair to have a competetition between players who actually play the game as it is, and players who never play the game as it is. The only reasonable solution in sports is that everyone plays the same game in their home countries as is played at World Championships. For various reasons, this has been too much asked in minigolf. There is no solution in sight, only two sides evangelizing the other side in missionary style, sending their truth to the other side.

A possible solution would be rotating the World Championships between different traditions -- one year Europan style and rules, another year American style and rules. But also this has been too much asked from WMF, and there is no hope in sight that WMF would agree to organize a championship tournament where only a golf ball would be allowed, and not the special minigolf balls. There are economical motives at stake, many of the most powerful WMF leaders own companies which make money selling special minigolf balls.

Sweden  Viking  (User)

Name : Pierre Geerhold
Member since : 13 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 51
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 00:05
This may be a bit off topic but i want too have it said. I would love too play adventure-, crazy- or MOS golf if the lanes whas build in such way so i could use my regular minigolfballs. I have payed about 2,000 $ for my balls and i wanna use them. If you build lanes with smooth walls and allow minigolfballs i will compete. In Sweden they build MOS lanes with no walls at all and thats just silly in my eyes.

Finland  HansIII  (User)

Name : Pasi Aho
Member since : 11 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 78
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 06:46
Before the discussion takes the usual "WMF is a bunch of fools who drive their own advantages only" -rail, I make my usual reminder that until today WMF has not denied one single application for international championships including MOS adventure style course(s). That is a fact. And now John please the usual excuses why this is the case. The stage is yours.

P.S. WAGM in Hastings still has plenty of places left for anyone who wants to play MOS like Pierre would like to. Respect to Drex who takes the step and will participate.

Sweden  Gutte86  (User)

Name : Gustav Björnberg
Member since : 11 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 12
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 10:40
To bad it collides with an important competition in Sweden, otherwise I'd like to go as well... :/ When is US-Open in the US this year? In the fall?

Finland  HansIII  (User)

Name : Pasi Aho
Member since : 11 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 78
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 13:44
Which competition is that? At least no Elitserien like last year...

US Masters is in October as usual and US Open in July (if I remember correctly).

United States of America  Smitty  (Reporter)

Name : Jeffrey Smith
Member since : 09 Nov 2011
Number of posts : 7
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 15:49
The most competitive and prestigous tournament in the USA is the Professional Putters Association (PPA) National Championship. It will be held September 14th and 15th in Columbbus, Indiana USA. Tournaments leading up to the National Championship start September 11th.

I encourage anybody who desires to play against the best North Americans to come over and participate.

United States of America  Tallyman  (User)

Name : Tim Tally
Member since : 14 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 6
Status : Offline
Posted : 16 Apr 2012 at 23:17
The US Open is July 27-29 in Chicago.

Sweden  Loket  (User)

Name : Ricard Lockner
Member since : 31 Jan 2009
Number of posts : 2
Status : Offline
Posted : 17 Apr 2012 at 12:39
Jeffrey....I played PPA Nationals last year and was told that if we want to play the Nationals in the future we (me , Olivia and other Europeans) had to play more PPA tournaments on the PPA-tour to be allowed to play The Nationals, and that I can tell you will not happen...so if you gonna have that rule you'er probably not gonna have any Europeans comming over to play PPA.

If the best Europeans came over they would keep up with Ward and the boys.
I am ranked around nr 200 in Europe, played bad and finished in the middle, if I
done that over here....I would be last.....


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