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France  Jeeb

13 Dec 2018 at 04:13

Hi Pat! Thanks for your answer. Yes, I saw both websites already, and I also already contacted Urban Crazy. Maybe I'm wrong but their products...

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United States of America  PatPenguin

10 Sep 2019 at 13:22

They haven't posted it yet but I heard from the owners of Farmington Miniature Golf in Connecticut, USA [...] are planning on doing their Halloween...

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United Kingdom  Squire | 198 views | 1 comments

10 Sep 2019 at 10:46

Halloween minigolf

United Kingdom  Sheila | 175 views | 0 comments

05 Sep 2019 at 21:38

It Has To Be Right – The....

United Kingdom  Squire | 193 views | 0 comments

02 Sep 2019 at 15:49

Shopping mall miniature golf

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Sweden Again Has the Keys to the Adventure Golf Kingdom

Sweden 19 Jun 2019 at 14:29 | Published by: PatPenguin | Views: 1074 | News search

Sweden Again Has the Keys to the Adventure Golf Kingdom
WAGM at GolfOasen  (Photo by The Putting Penguin)

Kungälv, Sweden – In the first ever three-day World Adventure Golf Masters (WAGM), the home team of Sweden battled through very close matches throughout the weekend to prove their adventure golf glory. The 2019 WAGM was held at GolfOasen from June 14th – 16th and had nine possible medals up for grabs: team, overall, male & female general, senior and youth classes, and finally a new event for 2019 the mixed pairs doubles. Six rounds were played on Friday and Saturday, determining the team winners and mix pairs qualifiers. There was an additional seventh round on Sunday to determine the class winners and the top 18 across all classes played an eight round to determine the overall individual champion. Following that, the top 8 mix pairs teams played a two round alternate hole/alternate shot final. The tournament kicked off with an opening ceremony at Bohus Fortess, built in 1308, of which a replica adorns the course on lane 4.

After a week that had varying weather conditions, including a near total rain-out of practice for a several hours on the first official practice day, the first two days of competition saw exceptional weather on the course. This made for some different conditions that the players needed to adjust to, which were reflected in the scores in the early rounds being slightly higher than expected. However, for the players in the top teams this posed less of a challenge as many of their day 1 scores were sub-100 per round for the 4 player teams and by day 2 all of the top 3 teams were shooting in the mid-90s. While it looked like team Sweden 1 might pull away after round 4 when Gunnar Bengtsson shot a 19, the only sub-20 round of the tournament, giving them a combined total of 91, Germany 1 and Sweden 2 stayed right there with them. With only a few holes left, mere strokes separated Sweden 1 from the other two teams who were tied for much of the final round. In the end, Sweden 1 kept the competition at bay lead by an impressive 21 by Bengtsson and finished six strokes ahead of Germany 1 to take the top of the podium, shooting a final 571 (23.8 average) for the four players over the six rounds. Despite a 21 by Torgny Kjellström on Sweden 2 in the final round, it wouldn’t be enough as Germany 1 just squeezed out 2nd place in the final few holes by one stroke.

Team Winners
Team Winners

Weather for the final day of competition turned south in the morning with a slight delay for rain but by the time the afternoon rolled around conditions were again perfect for putting. Most of the individual class titles were extremely close in the podium scores with several playoffs needed including a tie for the men’s general top spot.

The first competition to be decided was the Female Senior category. While Annelie Lundell of Sweden would run away with the top spot, shooting 168 (24.0 average), second place was hotly contested between Vanette Block of the United States and Tuula Mörck of Finland. It was neck and neck down the stretch, but Block all but put away the silver with an ace on lane 17, which was one of the more pressure putts on the course being a speed sensitive putt and one that was always made with a large gallery as it was right near the team benches. She secured second with a 185, just two stokes ahead of Mörck who held of a late charge from Iveta Veghova for third. In the Male Senior category it would be another playoff for second place. Jens Bergström from Sweden who was playing as a club player, rolled away with first place in this category after having started his tournament with a 20 in the first round and finishing with a 159 (22.7 average). It was very close the whole tournament for Ricard Lockner from Sweden and Gary Hester from the United States as they slipped into the podium spots by one stroke. In the drizzle they headed to a sudden death playoff that would go to the tricky downhill right dogleg of the sixth hole where Ricard would get the ace.

There would be slightly less drama in the Female Youth and Male Youth categories. Selina Krauss of Germany handily took gold with a 187 (26.7 average) with Sofia Vykopalova and Petra Brezinova, both from Slovakia, rounding out the tournament. In the Male Youth side, Aapo Siurola from Finland held off a talented Matej Vlcek from the Czech Republic to take first by four strokes, shooting a 174 (24.9 average). Eric Bohlin from Sweden rounded out the podium.

The General Class Women division would be the closest of the divisions with a mere stroke separating first from third place. Robin Ventura from the United States entered the seventh round with a three shot lead over Sandra Walker of Finland and four strokes over Jenny Erlandsson of Sweden. Despite a slip in scores in the last round and Walker and Erlandsson making up strokes as the round went on, Ventura would end needing only a two on the final hole to secure victory with a 184 (26.3 average). Walker and Erlandsson would end up tied and need a sudden death playoff that ended on the tricky lane 2. The General Class Men division would be nearly as close with only 6 strokes separating first from 6th places, but it would be a Swedish sweep on this podium with Eirik Seljelid taking bronze and Hans Olofsson and Gunnar Bengtsson tying for first with a 162 (23.1 average). It would take five lanes to decide this gold medal with Bengtsson earning his second of the tournament.

That wouldn’t be all the hardware for Bengtsson as he then set his sights on the overall championship, which he won in 2017. The super-final eight round was again extremely close, but a run of six aces at the end would put Bengtsson on top of the podium. In talking with Bengtsson after the tournament he told us he knew that after lane 12 he had a good chance to secure the victory, feeling confident that he could ace lane 17. Since he was first in his group, he knew an ace there would put pressure on his playing partners. This turned out to be prophetic as he aced 17 while second place Bergström and third place Olofsson would both shot a two on that lane. Bengtsson’s final score for the either rounds was a 186 (23.3 average).

The last title to be decided in 2019 was the mixed pairs doubles. In the final two rounds the men and women would alternate starting on odd/even holes and then alternate shots on the holes. With only two rounds to decide the winner, this division was bound to be close and was perhaps the most exciting of the weekend to watch. The team of Robin Ventura and Nate Nichols from the United States shot a 23 in the first round, giving them a slight edge over Annelie Lundell and Ricard Lockner from Sweden and Selina Krauss and Martin Stöckle from Germany. After an amazing par save from the top of a hump on lane 4, Ventura/Nichols took a three on lane 7, opening the door for the other teams and creating down the stretch drama. With Lundell/Lockner already in the clubhouse, Ventura/Nichols knew they had to ace out from lane 13 in just to tie Lundell/Lockner for the lead, which they did in dramatic fashion. It was now onto the playoffs which ended on lane 2, giving Ventura/Nichols the victory in this first event.

Congratulations to all of the winners across the divisions and thank you to Kungälvs Bangolfklubb for being amazing hosts for the tournament. The 2020 World Adventure Golf Masters will be held in Austria.

Division Winners

Teams - Sweden 1 (Rasmus Schedin, Christer Söderlund. Gunnar Bengtsson, Ricard Lockner)
Female Senior - Annelie Lundell (Sweden)
Male Senior - Jens Bergström (Sweden - club player)
Female Youth - Selina Krauss (Germany)
Male Youth - Aapo Siurola (Finland)
General Class Women - Robin Ventura (United States)
General Class Men - Gunnar Bengtsson (Sweden)
Overall - Gunnar Bengtsson (Sweden)
Mixed Pairs - Robin Ventura & Nate Nichols (United States)

The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF) is the umbrella organization of 63 Minigolf sports associations worldwide with Continental Associations in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Over 1,000 championships courses are approved for official competitions and over 1,500 international minigolf tournaments are held each year. Millions of players all around the world like to play minigolf as a private leisure activity and in public competitions.

» Team and Individual Results
» Overall Results
» Mixed Pairs Results




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Sweden Again Has the Keys to the Adventure Golf Kingdom

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