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Argentina  INESfun

22 Feb 2020 at 13:37

There are about 300 recesses on one golf ball, and thanks to them, the ball flies three times farther than a smooth one. ... Balls of the same size...

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United States of America  Smitty

20 Oct 2020 at 14:46

Congrats to Rainey and Olivia. Great representation of Texas!

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United Kingdom  Sheila | 246 views | 0 comments

01 Nov 2020 at 19:34

The End Of The Pier Show -....

United States of America  PatPenguin | 258 views | 0 comments

25 Oct 2020 at 13:06

Crack Kills? – Part 2

United States of America  PatPenguin | 429 views | 0 comments

19 Oct 2020 at 17:28

Guest Post - Starting From....

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Uppsala wins close match against W.A.T. 21 in Europacup

Sweden 02 Oct 2010 at 16:52 | Published by: Hans | Views: 7162 | News search

Uppsala wins close match against W.A.T. 21 in Europacup
The winning Team from Uppsala: Jens Näslund, Carl-Johan Ryner, Markus Larsson, Mikael Olden, Lars Brown, Anders Wiklund and Thomas Plöder.  (Photo by Lukas Kristament 2010)

The Swedish favorites of Uppsala BGK today won the European cup for the third time in the clubs history. But they had a tough fight against the home team of W.A.T. 21 from Austria.

Before the final day Uppsala lead by a margin of 14 strokes and looked like a winner team. But the home team of W.A.T. 21 wanted something else. In the first round of Saturday the Swedish Champions started quite bad with 41-40-41. And since W.A.T. 21 started 34-39-33 they were actually in front again. But a strong finish from the last three Uppsala players narrowed the lost round to only 6 strokes.

So before the last round Uppsala was 8 in front. But W.A.T. 21 was not giving in. With quite brilliant play the first 3 players got 27-35-30 against Uppsala’s 37-27-39 meant that with 3 players still on the course W.A.T. 21 was in the lead by 3 strokes on the paper (and for the Internet audience).

In reality this was not really the case since the last three Uppsala players had a firm grip on their opponents and by 34-34-28 they won against their W.A.T. 21 colleagues by 15 strokes and secured the title by 12.

W.A.T. 21 and Uppsala played in a league of their own and in the bronze position MC Olten of Switzerland was 44 strokes behind the Austrians. In fourth place was the German team of SG Arheilgen another 76 strokes from the bronze. In the absence of Hardenberg Germany was left without any medal on the men’s side for the second time (also in 2008) since 1972.

Best individually was:

Carl-Johan Ryner, Uppsala, (31,2)
Herbert Bäk, W.A.T. 21 (31,7)
Lars Brown, Uppsala, (32,5)
Remo Zaugg, Olten, (32,7)
Heinz Weber, W.A.T. 21, (34,2)
Csaba Palinkas, W.A.T. 21 (34,3)

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Comments (10)

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

16 Oct 2010 at 08:09
European Cup 2010 photo gallery by Arto Borg:


Austria Wagi (Norbert Wagenhofer)

06 Oct 2010 at 17:34
First of all thanx for the compliments! We really tried our best to make the stay for all participants as enjoyable as possible. All the reactions at and after closing ceremony showed us, that we haven´t been that wrong with our efforts.

Regarding the presents for best male and female player:
Of course European Cup is a team competition! But why shouldn´t we honour the best single players too? Simona and Kalle did a perfect job for their teams and deserved the moment on the stage. The awards weren´t given due to an intention of EMF, it was the idea of organising team of W.A.T.21 - and I think it was a nice and good idea!

The reason why best players of preliminary rounds in Predazzo (or the years before since we have K.O. system) got nothing - is a discussion we had often. The organising club / federation can always present these single players and make their results "not forgotten". But only EMF/WMF can really honour their results at EC´s and WC´s and make them to European or World Champions in strokeplay. In my opinion it IS possible (and necessary) to have 2 champions!!

As (especially we both know *gg*) it is usual in Austria.

Austria bfree4life (Günter Inmann)

06 Oct 2010 at 16:17
@ the whole minigolffamily:
I was watching the final day at the EC in Vienna and also stayed at the closing ceremony. at first i have to say WOOOW for the organisation of this ceremony. it was really a good catering and programm and music... so, i think the guys from Predazzo have to learn something from them.
BUT... there is one big, big thing i really cant understand!!!
this was a TEAM competition with very good results anyway. but the best male and female SINGLE players got a present for there tough play in a TEAM competition.
And btw a couple of weeks ago, there were the preliminary rounds for the SINGLE competition of the european championship, and for example the fascinating score from Geist A. or Blaser M. as leader of this preliminary rounds got NOTHING!
In my opinion, there is something wrong!!! Is it really impossible to have 2 European or World Champions per year??? i dont think so...

Netherlands Tiek (Erik Tiekstra)

03 Oct 2010 at 09:12
At team competitions it is all about playing tactical and not thinking about your own personal score. When you normally play as an individual you can decide to play a certain lane different then when you play for a team. For example last year, in Odense at lane 17 on felt, a lot of players were 'saving' that lane instead of going for an ace. In the final though they were going for an ace.

That is why I think it ain't a good system to have individual rankings after a tea´m-competition. Although it is of course nice to analyze the personal results, you don't have to have a ranking there...

Denmark House (Vincent Huus)

03 Oct 2010 at 08:46
Boy it was exiting to follow EC from my pc. Great play by ASKÖ and Olten. Congrats to Uppsala with their 3. EC gold. Guys... YOU ROCK!

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

03 Oct 2010 at 07:15
@Tiek - I think that 6 rounds total score in team competition tells more about a player's skills than 6 rounds knock-out cup. Ryner won this one but not the knock-out cup a month ago...

Portugal AS (André Silva)

02 Oct 2010 at 23:57
Congratulations to all the winners and a special remark to Remo Zaugg, the only player that didn't do more than 3 strokes on any lane.

  ( )

02 Oct 2010 at 19:13
a small correction, Germany was also without any medal in the men team event in 2008 in Hilzingen. Also there, Hardenberg was missing...

Netherlands Tiek (Erik Tiekstra)

02 Oct 2010 at 18:14
Congratulations to Uppsala. Impressing last round...

@JJM - I don't even think these results are noteworthy just because it is a team-competition.

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

02 Oct 2010 at 17:28
Felt is the most athletic form of minigolf, and the only form of minigolf where the difference between men and women is very remarkable.

Strong game from half of the Austro-Hungarians and half of the Swiss.

Pity that the player statistics are ranked by finalists first and then all others, not everyone together by average score.

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With a round of 27, that no lady was even close to achieve before this, the Czech young star Jana Nakladalova secured the surprising gold for MGC 90 Brno. Before the last lap it looked like the home favorites from BGCU Rot Gold would win. They had a lead of 9 ...
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Nakladalovas super round secured the win for Brno

Uppsala and Rot Gold takes over lead

Uppsala and Rot Gold takes over lead

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WAT 21 and Brno surprising leaders in European Cup

Austria 30 Sep 2010 at 20:24 | views: 4746 | Comments: 2

Today the European Cup for Club Team started in the Wasserpark Felt course in Vienna. Even though it was hard to predict this year’s results the scenario happening today on the course was probably surprising for many. It was expected that the home team of W.A.
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WAT 21 and Brno surprising leaders in European Cup

Seljelid wins the British Open

Seljelid wins the British Open

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BMGA News Release Supplied by Richard Gottfried The Planet Hastings Adventure Golf course at Clambers/White Rock Gardens in Hastings, East Sussex played host to the British Minigolf Association Tour on the 18th and 19th September as 56 players from the UK ...
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