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Argentina  INESfun

22 Feb 2020 at 13:37

There are about 300 recesses on one golf ball, and thanks to them, the ball flies three times farther than a smooth one. ... Balls of the same size...

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United States of America  Smitty

07 Jun 2023 at 04:45

Jason and team make this place beautiful and the tournament is fun and well run.

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Hungary  Magician | 7897 views | 0 comments

31 Dec 2023 at 17:32

End of 2023

United States of America  PatPenguin | 12486 views | 0 comments

17 Nov 2023 at 13:07

A 2023 Masterful Experience

United States of America  PatPenguin | 11259 views | 0 comments

22 May 2023 at 13:19

We’re All Loony Here....

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From which country will the World Adventure Golf Tour Final (April 27-28, 2024) come from?

- Czech Republic

- Sweden

- Germany

- United States

- New Zealand

- Austria

- Wales

- Finland

- Slovakia

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Total 1 votes, since 27 Mar 2024.

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Recent polls

From which country will the overall WAGM 2022 (June 17-19) Champion come from?


United States0%



Great Britain0%


Czech Republic0%


Poll started 23 May 2022, total 1 votes.

How do you think COVID-19 will impact international minigolf tournaments in 2021?

No Impact - All Happen as Scheduled33%

Minor Impact - A Couple Change Dates33%

Major Impact - Several Get Canceled33%

Poll started 19 Jun 2020, total 3 votes.

If miniature golf was to be in the Olympics, which style of course would you like to see played?

MOS (Adventure Golf)29%

Why not all 4?21%


Combination of 2 Styles17%

Swedish Felt8%


Combination of 3 Styles4%

Poll started 31 Jan 2018, total 24 votes.

Will any team that won a major international team competition this year repeat as champs in 2017?

Yes - Sweden (Nations Cup)36%

Yes - Other Team Tournaments27%

Yes - Germany (U23 Nations Cup)27%


Yes - All of them!0%

Poll started 01 Jan 2017, total 11 votes.

With the US back at the World Adventure Golf Masters this year, will any Americans make the top 18?



I'll tell you after I see them practice!11%

Poll started 12 Jun 2016, total 9 votes.

Will Germany take all six team gold medals this year?



Poll started 07 Aug 2014, total 14 votes.

In what competitions should World Record be counted?

In all competitions50%

In all national competitions23%

It is impossible to compare different courses14%

In all international competitions9%

In international championships5%

Poll started 02 Jun 2014, total 22 votes.

What male player in the best overall Minigolf player in the world right now?

Carl-Johan Ryner, Sweden43%

Filiph Svensson, Sweden28%

Achim Braungart Zink, Germany17%

Walter Erlbruch, Germany2%

Oskari Vihervaara, Finland2%

Michel Rhyn, Switzerland2%

Harald Erlbruch, Germany2%

Dennis Kapke, Germany2%

Ulf Kristiansson, Sweden0%

Reto Sommer, Switzerland0%

Paolo Porta, Italy0%

Michael Smith, Great Britain0%

Marcel Noack, Germany0%

Karel Molnar, Czech Republic0%

Heinz Weber, Austria0%

Gunther Inamnn, Austria0%

Fredrik Persson, Sweden0%

Filip Johansson, Sweden0%

Christian Gobetz, Austria0%

Alexander Geist, Germany0%

Poll started 09 Oct 2013, total 46 votes.

What club will win the men's European Cup in Holesov?

Uppsala BGK, Sweden39%

BGS Hardenberg-Pötter, Germany32%

Tantogården BGK, Sweden14%

Clube Minigolfe do Porto, Portugal7%

WAT 21, Austria4%

SK Tempo Praha, Czech Republic4%

Putter Team Odense, Denmark0%

Manse RG, Finland0%

MGC Oirschot, Netherlands0%

MC Olten, Switzerland0%

GSP Vergiate, Italy0%

GK Bratislava, Slovakia0%

Poll started 27 Aug 2013, total 28 votes.

Who will win the ladies individual stroke play gold in Bad Münder?

Bianca Zodrow, Germany41%

Anne Bollrich, Germany18%

Jana Nakládalová, Czech Republic9%

Sandra Bengtson, Sweden6%

Natasja Klarenbeek, Netherlands6%

Karin Heschl, Austria6%

Frida Elmdahl, Sweden6%

Karolína Jandová, Czech Republic3%

Jasmin Ehm, Germany3%

Ilona de Kok, Netherlands3%

Sara Marchiani, Italy0%

Sandra Schwarz, Austria0%

Marielle Svensson, Sweden0%

Jenny Erlandsson, Sweden0%

Annika Dellmann, Germany0%

Anna Bandera, Italy0%

Poll started 13 Aug 2013, total 34 votes.

Who will win the men's individual stroke play gold in Bad Münder?

Marcel Noack, Germany22%

Fredrik Persson, Sweden17%

Harald Erlbruch, Germany11%

Alexander Geist, Germany11%

Filiph Svensson, Sweden8%

Karel Molnár, Czech Republic6%

Günter Inmann, Austria6%

Achim Braungart Zink, Germany6%

Walter Erlbruch, Germany3%

Reto Sommer, Switzerland3%

Lars Brown, Sweden3%

Dennis Kapke, Germany3%

Andreas Frejborn, Sweden3%

Porta Paolo, Italy0%

Philipp Albrechtsberger, Austria0%

Oskari Vihervaara, Finland0%

Marco Templin, Germany0%

Filip Johansson, Sweden0%

Christian Gobetz, Austria0%

Aki Sillman, Finland0%

Poll started 05 Aug 2013, total 36 votes.

What nation will win the ladies team competition in Bad Münder.



Czech Republic22%








Poll started 30 Jul 2013, total 18 votes.

What nation will win the men's team competition in Bad Münder.



Czech Republic6%


Great Brittain3%









Poll started 07 Jul 2013, total 35 votes.

How many competitions have you planned to play during the 2013 outdoor season?

6-10 competitions29%

16-20 competitions24%

3-5 competitions18%

1-2 competitions12%

26-30 competitions6%

21-25 competitions6%

11-15 competitions6%

more than 40 competitions0%

36-40 competitions0%

31-35 competitions0%

Poll started 28 Apr 2013, total 17 votes.

Which club has made the best recruitment of the 2012 "silly season" so far?

SK Tempo Praha; Karel Molnar23%

Tantogården BGK; Oskari Vihervaara20%

MGC Mainz; Anne Bollrich18%

Skoghalls BGK; Filip Johansson12%

GSP Vergiate; Christian Gobetz8%

BGC Wien; Sven Reichhard8%

WAT 21; Stefan Mehlhose5%

MGC Mainz; Miroslav Stoparic5%

SG Arheilgen; Marco Henning2%

MGC Olomouc; Ivan Macho2%

Tantogården BGK; Dan Trulsson0%

Niendorfer MC; Stephan Behrens0%

Dormagen-Brechten; Patrick Bothmann0%

Poll started 12 Oct 2012, total 66 votes.

Who will win the European Cup for men in 2012.

Uppsala BGK, SWE58%

G.S.P. Vergiate, ITA16%

BGS Hardenberg-Pötter, GER16%

Vizelgolfe, POR5%

SK Tempo Praha, CZE5%

WAT 21 Vienna, AUT 0%

Sibelius Park MGC Helsinki, FIN0%

MGC Oirschot, NED0%

MC Olten, SWI0%

Kungälvs BGK, SWE0%

Poll started 24 Sep 2012, total 19 votes.

Who will win the European Cup for ladies 2012?

1.MGC Mainz38%

1.MGC Göttingen23%

Costa Nova15%

MGC Leeuwarden8%


1. MGC Gänserndorf8%

G.S.P. Cusano Milanino0%

Aalborg Minigolf Klub0%

1. DGC Bystrice pod Hostynem0%

Poll started 13 Sep 2012, total 13 votes.

Which nation will be the most succesful at the EC in Porto









Czech Republic3%





Great Britain0%


Poll started 18 Aug 2012, total 31 votes.

Which nation will be the most succesful at the YWC in Bad Munder




Czech Republic8%



The Netherlands0%









Poll started 01 Aug 2012, total 26 votes.

When did you / will you play minigolf at an outdoor course for the first time this year?

in March36%

in January25%

in April14%

in June11%

in February11%

in May4%

in July0%

in August0%

Poll started 15 Apr 2012, total 28 votes.

Do you give minigolf-related Christmas presents to someone this year?




Poll started 11 Dec 2011, total 23 votes.

How many minigolf competitions did you play in year 2011?

11 - 2047%

6 - 1015%

21 - 3014%

3 - 58%

31 - 405%

1 - 25%

51 or more3%


41 - 500%

Poll started 24 Oct 2011, total 59 votes.

How long is your minigolf putter?

80 - 89 cm48%

90 - 99 cm32%

70 - 79 cm9%

120 - 129 cm5%

shorter than 50 cm2%

60 - 69 cm2%

110 - 119 cm2%

longer than 129 cm0%

50 - 59 cm0%

100 - 109 cm0%

Poll started 17 May 2011, total 44 votes.

Do you play minigolf with a Left or Right putter?



sometimes Left, sometimes Right7%

Poll started 25 Apr 2011, total 43 votes.

Which minigolf ball company is your favourite?


Reisinger / Gosh19%


SV-Golf / NIFO10%

some golf ball manufacturer5%

mg / M&G5%


some other2%











Beck & Meth / B & P0%

Poll started 04 Apr 2011, total 63 votes.

There is a proposal from Ernst-Jan Meijer to cancel the Nations Cup and instead use that weekend to create an individual world or European match play championship. What do you think about this?

Excelent proposal52%

I prefer one champion only24%

2 champions the EMF way sounds better21%

I dont like it and todays NC is good as it is3%

Poll started 28 Jan 2011, total 29 votes.

Have you ever played an 18-round on a minigolf course with 18 lanes?

Yes, in official competitions42%


In practice, but not in official competitions15%

Poll started 23 Jan 2011, total 26 votes.

WMF organizes its first ever major adventure golf tournament in Europe 2011: What are your feelings about this?

This is a positive thing for minigolf sport63%

Neutral feelings, not positive or negative23%

This is a negative thing for minigolf sport14%

Poll started 09 Jan 2011, total 35 votes.

What nation do you think will develop most in Minigolf the next 5 years.


United Kingdom12%

Any other nation11%


















Poll started 07 Nov 2010, total 89 votes.

Who will win Hastings WCGC 30-31 Oct 2010?

Olivia Prokopová (CZE)28%

Pasi Aho (FIN)26%

Marc Chapman9%

Chris Harding9%

someone else6%

Nick Chitty6%

Andy Exall4%

Sean Homer2%

Rocky Bullin2%

Richard Gottried2%

Keith Kellard2%

John McIver2%

Anthony Pope2%

Tim Davies0%

Terry Exall0%

Philip Exall0%

Peter Emmerson0%

Jo Williamson0%

Poll started 06 Oct 2010, total 53 votes.

What Team will win the European Cup Ladies class in Vienna

1. MGC Göttingen 1970 (GER)29%

MGC 90 Brno (CZE)26%

BGC Union Rot-Gold (AUT)19%

MC Effretikon (SUI)17%

Sjövikens IF (SWE)7%

MC Monza (ITA)2%

MGC Leeuwarden (NED)0%

Poll started 25 Sep 2010, total 42 votes.

What Team will win the European Cup Mens class in Vienna

Uppsala BGK (SWE)70%

Wiener ASKÖ Team Floridsdorf (AUT)11%

MC Olten (SUI)8%

GSP Vergiate (ITA)5%

SG Arheilgen (GER)3%

GK Bratislava (SVK)3%

Tempo Praha (CZE)0%

Manse RG (FIN)0%

MGC Geldrop (NED)0%

Aalborg MK (DEN)0%

Poll started 21 Sep 2010, total 37 votes.

What is an acceptable level on Online-Result reporting in major Championships.

After a player have completed his round35%

Lane-by-lane + video coverage + live comments25%

Lane-by-lane + video coverage25%


In the end of the day2%

After all players have completed a round2%

Less than a month after the competition0%

Directly after the competition0%

Poll started 31 Aug 2010, total 65 votes.

Who will win the ladies class in the European Championships in Predazzo?

Rebecca Weber21%

Elisabeth Gruber17%

Bianca Oberweg11%

Nicole Piechotta10%

Natasja Klarenbeek9%

Melanie Blaser7%

Sandra Bengtson6%

any other5%

Anna Bandera5%

Yvonne Klukas2%

Nicole Gundert-Greiffendorf2%

Stefanie Kern1%

Sara Marchiani1%

Maria Olsson1%

Karin Heschl1%

Birgit Cernicek0%

Annie Jasper0%

Poll started 20 Aug 2010, total 82 votes.

Who will win the mens class in the European Championships in Predazzo?

Harald Erlbruch21%

Filiph Svensson13%

Manfred Lindmayr12%

Kosti Salonen10%

Günther Inmann6%

Francesco Leuci6%

any other4%

Vitus Spescha4%

Michel Rhyn4%

Alexander Geist4%

Alex Jasper4%

Achim Braungart-Zink4%

Rudi Giroldini2%

Peter Eisenschmidt2%

Paolo Porta2%

Jakub Kalnik2%

Heinz Weber2%

Walter Erlbruch0%

Reto Sommer0%

Miroslav Stoparic0%

Poll started 16 Aug 2010, total 52 votes.

Who will win Youth World Championships 2010?


someone else18%



LEVIS Lorenzo9%

BHEND Nicolas5%



KAZIMIR Oliver3%


SCHATZER Christoph1%


CIOMPI Lorenzo1%


ZUTTER Kevin0%


Poll started 05 Aug 2010, total 74 votes.

Who will be the team Champions on the ladies side in Predazzo in August





Any Other Team6%


Czech Republic4%




Poll started 10 Jul 2010, total 70 votes.

Who will be the team Champions on the mens side in Predazzo in August



Some other team9%





Czech Republic2%



Poll started 28 Jun 2010, total 47 votes.

Have you ever won an official national minigolf competition (small local competitions not included)?



Poll started 10 Jun 2010, total 38 votes.

Do you play team competitions in minigolf?

I play in a national minigolf league team68%

I sometimes play a team competition21%

I don´t have a team, I play individual only11%

Poll started 17 May 2010, total 47 votes.

What is your season planning for 2010?

Full trottle (more than 10 tournaments)30%

Moderate (2-4 tournaments)23%

Normal (5-7 tournaments)20%

Quite much (8-10 tournaments)13%

Stick on the shelf (zero play)8%

Low (only one tournament)8%

Poll started 03 May 2010, total 40 votes.

Golf has separate competitions tours for Men and Ladies on the top level. Do you think Minigolf as a sport would gain of doing something similar?



Dont Know10%

Poll started 28 Mar 2010, total 52 votes.

What is your favourite playing system?

Beton (Swiss standard)33%

Felt (Swedish standard)24%

Eternite (German standard)14%

Adventure minigolf (with minigolf balls)12%

Adventure golf (with golf ball)8%

Putt-Putt (American standard)6%



Dutch system0%

Crazy golf (many balls on lane)0%


Poll started 15 Mar 2010, total 49 votes.

Junior boys player of the year 2009
You will find the results of this poll on this page »

Junior girls player of the year 2009
You will find the results of this poll on this page »

Men player of the year 2009
You will find the results of this poll on this page »

Women player of the year 2009
You will find the results of this poll on this page »

Photo poll - picture of the year 2009
You will find the results of the photo poll on this page »

Do you have a page in Facebook?



Poll started 04 Jan 2010, total 50 votes.

How often did you read Minigolfnews.com website during last summer?

4-7 times per week73%

1-3 times per week25%

once per month2%

less than once per month0%

2-3 times per month0%

Poll started 30 Nov 2009, total 44 votes.

Have you ever played in the national team of your country?



Poll started 18 Nov 2009, total 40 votes.

How long winter pause do you take from minigolf, without playing any competitions?

I don't take any pause from minigolf23%

3 months without competitions14%

2 months without competitions14%

1 month without competitions14%

6 months without competitions9%

9 months or more without competitions7%

5 months without competitions7%

4 months without competitions7%

8 months without competitions2%

7 months without competitions2%

Poll started 06 Nov 2009, total 43 votes.

What is the biggest prize money (or value) you have received when playing Minigolf in one competition?

< 50 Euro24%

501 - 1.000 Euro22%

251 - 500 Euro19%

100 - 250 Euro14%

2.001 - 5.000 Euro8%

> 10.000 Euro5%

1.001 - 2.000 Euro5%

50 - 100 Euro3%

Never won money0%

5.001 - 10.000 Euro0%

Poll started 25 Oct 2009, total 37 votes.

Who will win the controversially named World Crazy Golf Championships on 24-25 October 2009?

Olivia Prokopová (CZE)27%

someone else19%

Tim Davies (winner 2008)16%

John Mittler (FIN)16%

Peter Emmerson8%

Andy Exall8%

Keith Kellard3%

Chris Harding (winner 2007)3%

John Moore0%

Jo Williamson0%

Poll started 14 Oct 2009, total 37 votes.

Indoor season is coming up. How far do you have to the nearest indoor Minigolf facility?

Less than 50 km49%

Between 100 and 200 km21%

Between 50 and 100 km15%

Between 200 and 300 km6%

Between 300 and 500 km4%

Longer than 1000 km2%

Dont know2%

Between 500 and 1000 km0%

Poll started 02 Oct 2009, total 47 votes.

What team will win the mens category of the European Cup starting on Thursday this week?

Uppsala BK (Sweden)42%

BGS Hardenberg (Germany)42%

MGC Bischofshofen (Austria)4%

GsP Vergiate (Italy)4%

BGK Jönköping (Sweden)4%

Any other team4%

SK Tempo Praha (Czech Republic)0%

Manse RG Tampere (Finland)0%

MGC Appelscha (Netherlands)0%

MC Olten (Switzerland)0%

Poll started 29 Sep 2009, total 24 votes.

Should minigolf competitions have background music?


yes, very quiet music, like in some shops37%

yes, very loud music, like in a disco6%

yes, quite loud music, like in restaurants6%

Poll started 23 Sep 2009, total 35 votes.

How far from home have you travelled to play a minigolf competition?

more than 1,000 km (Milano-Odense)36%

more than 2,000 km (Vaasa-Gibraltar)22%

more than 500 km (Wien-Bern)14%

more than 5,000 km (London-New York)14%

more than 9,000 km (London-Tokyo)8%

less than 200 km6%

more than 200 km (Wien-Praha)0%

Poll started 15 Sep 2009, total 50 votes.

How much money do you spend for your minigolf hobby (travel + equipment) per year?

500 EUR - 999 EUR25%

200 EUR - 499 EUR20%

2,000 EUR - 4,999 EUR17%

1,000 EUR - 1,999 EUR15%

0 EUR - 199 EUR8%

I earn 1 EUR - 499 EUR more than I spend5%

10,000 EUR or more3%

I earn 500 EUR - 999 EUR more than I spend2%

I earn 1,000+ EUR more than I spend2%

5,000 EUR - 9,999 EUR2%

Poll started 04 Sep 2009, total 59 votes.

How many minigolf or golf balls do you have?

200 — 29920%

100 — 19920%

500 — 99911%

50 — 9911%

1000 —11%

400 — 4997%

300 — 3997%

10 — 297%

30 — 494%

0 — 90%

Poll started 29 Aug 2009, total 70 votes.

WMF is planning for two individual World Champions in the future. One stroke play and one match play Champion. What is your opinion about this?

Its a good idea to have two Champions53%

Only one Champion by Stroke Play31%

KO-finals with only the 8 best in each class10%

Only one Champion by Match Play3%

Something else2%

Poll started 25 Aug 2009, total 58 votes.

What do you think about the difficulty of the E + F minigolf courses in Odense?

They were perfect for WMF championships53%

A bit too difficult for WMF championships33%

Much too difficult for WMF championships11%

Much too easy for WMF championships2%

A bit too easy for WMF championships0%

Poll started 21 Aug 2009, total 45 votes.

Which country will be 4th in women’s team competition in Odense?











Poll started 18 Aug 2009, total 31 votes.

Who will make the most significant brekthrough amongst the ladies in the Odense 2009 WC?

Anna Bandera28%

Jessica Rengbrandt26%

Maria Olsson20%

Anyone else11%

Mirva Juhola4%

Birgit Heschl4%

Andrea Hackl4%

Sara Marchiani2%

Yvonne Klukas0%

Ilona de Kok0%

Poll started 14 Aug 2009, total 46 votes.

Who will make the most significant brekthrough amonst the mens in the Odense 2009 WC?

Filiph Svensson51%

Csaba Pálinkás13%

Anyone else13%

Marco Eigenmann9%

Sascha Spreier7%

Oskari Vihervaara4%

Marco Henning2%

Aki Sillman2%

Rupert Westenthaler0%

Marco Nicolussi0%

Poll started 10 Aug 2009, total 55 votes.

Which team will be 4th in men’s competition in Odense?











Poll started 05 Aug 2009, total 40 votes.

How public should the documents of WMF Delegates Conference be?

Motions and budget plan should be public72%

Motions for rules public, budget confidential24%

Confidential, not published on Internet3%

Poll started 27 Jul 2009, total 29 votes.

Should Minigolf World Championships be played on adventure golf courses?

no, WMF should not play adv. golf champs43%

a separate tournament for adv. golf in May24%

yes, combi adventure golf + eternite16%

yes, using two adventure golf courses14%

something else than these options3%

Poll started 21 Jul 2009, total 37 votes.

What should be the time limit for playing one shot, in good weather? (time starting from the moment when previous player finishes playing)

60 seconds47%

45 seconds16%

flexible, no absolute time limits11%

75 seconds11%

30 seconds11%

90 seconds4%

something else than these0%

Poll started 13 Jul 2009, total 45 votes.

How should tied scores be decided in minigolf (outside of top 3)?

give the same tied rank to all tied scores49%

higher rank to smaller diff. worst-best round23%

higher rank to player with lower best round17%

something else than these11%

Poll started 06 Jul 2009, total 35 votes.

Which playing dress would have best PR value for minigolf?

golf clothes (polo shirt etc.)51%

jogging suit / jogging shorts28%

something else than these13%

casual city clothes (Levis jeans etc.)5%

beachwear (biggest stomach contest)3%

snooker billiards clothes (black tie)0%

Poll started 29 Jun 2009, total 39 votes.

Which name for WMF would have best PR value?

World Minigolf Federation70%

World Minigolf Sport Federation20%

World Minigolfsport Federation7%

something else than these3%

Poll started 19 Jun 2009, total 30 votes.

What would be best use for the "NC weekend" in May?

play Nations Cup practice comp.43%

play nothing, to save money20%

play adventure golf World Cup20%

play some other major champs10%

something else than these8%

Poll started 07 Jun 2009, total 40 votes.

Which competition format is best for international championships?

stroke champ 12 rds, no cup champ52%

stroke champ 10 rds & 8-cup champ14%

stroke champ 9 rds & 16-cup champ10%

32-cup champion, no stroke champ10%

something else than these7%

in some years cup, in some stroke7%

Poll started 26 May 2009, total 42 votes.

What is your favourite playing system?



Adventure golf, with golf ball only20%



Adventure golf, with special balls5%

Crazy golf (windmills etc.)2%




Poll started 19 May 2009, total 59 votes.

Traditions vs. economical reality: How many lanes should be included in one round of minigolf, at official competitions?

18, in all competitions in the world.60%

18, or 9 lanes played twice = 18.12%

Everything is OK: 11, 15, etc...10%

18, 12 or 9 lanes.10%

18, 9 lanes x 2, or 6 lanes x 3.7%

18 or 12 lanes.2%

18, 9 or 6 lanes.0%

18, 12, 9 or 6 lanes.0%

18 or 9 lanes.0%

Poll started 07 May 2009, total 42 votes.

Which new lane type looks most interesting?

Sticks without the last stick24%


Flat volcano17%

Salzburger V10%


Narrow drop3%

Middle green3%

Closed V3%


Poll started 28 Apr 2009, total 29 votes.

Did you believe our April Day news about Odense minigolf courses?

No. I knew that it was a joke.87%

Yes. I believed the news report.9%

I was not sure, is it a joke or not.4%

Poll started 17 Apr 2009, total 23 votes.

What do you think about lane manipulation in competitions?

No chalk or spit, but towel cleaning is OK79%

All cleaning should be forbidden, as in golf12%

No aim marks, but chalk & spit on walls is OK9%

Chalking walls is OK but not spitting on them0%

All is OK, even making aiming marks to lanes0%

Poll started 04 Apr 2009, total 33 votes.

Should moving obstacles be allowed in official minigolf tournaments?

In MOS only (but not felt, beton or eternite)34%

In CrazyGolf MOS only, not adventure golf MOS34%

No, not in any playing system23%

Yes, in all playing systems9%

Poll started 22 Mar 2009, total 35 votes.

How does the global economic recession affect your minigolf season 2009?

I will play a normal season, no problems80%

I will play less, to limit my minigolf budget15%

I am not sure yet... the situation is unclear5%

I'll play much less than usual, to save money0%

Poll started 07 Mar 2009, total 40 votes.

Photo poll - picture of the year 2008
You will find the results of the photo poll on this page »

Economy: should WMF and EMF save in travel costs, by arranging meetings via Skype or other remote conference software?

Skype participation should always be possible54%

All meetings should be arranged with Skype32%

Skype option should sometimes be possible14%

Skype participation should never be allowed0%

Poll started 08 Feb 2009, total 50 votes.

Player of the year 2008 (male juniors)

Casper Frederiksen 25%

Filiph Svensson24%

Sascha Spreier22%

Tobias Ramcke7%

Simon Schatz7%

Erik Borgström5%

Aki Sillman5%

Jakub Fantal4%

Maximilian Krämer0%

Gerrit Britz0%

Poll started 31 Jan 2009, total 55 votes.

Player of the year 2008 (female juniors)

Jana Nakládalová34%

Olivia Prokopová27%

Anna Nitschke14%

Frida Elmdahl13%

Karin Heschl5%

Veronika Drbohlavová3%

Simona Handlová2%

Bettina Bürki2%

Anne Bollrich2%

Jasmin Uhl0%

Poll started 25 Jan 2009, total 64 votes.

Who is Player of the Year 2008? (male)

Harald Erlbruch30%

Lars Brown28%

Brad Lebo12%

Anders Olsson9%

Jesper Andersson6%

Manfred Lindmayr5%

Reto Sommer4%

Kosti Salonen2%

Alexander Geist2%

Marco Templin1%

Poll started 19 Jan 2009, total 81 votes.

Who is Player of the Year 2008? (female)

Sandra Bengtsson29%

Sandra Wicki16%

Sandra Weaver14%

Elisabeth Berger-Rella14%

Nicole Gundert-Greiffendorf9%

Karin Wiklund8%

Nicole Piechotta4%

Alice Kobisch4%

Rebecca Weber1%

Bianca Oberweg1%

Poll started 09 Jan 2009, total 79 votes.




 29 Oct 2022

Olde Scotland Yard Course Championship

 22 Oct 2022

Clifton Heights Course Championship

 29 Sep 2022

European Champions League Final

 23 Sep 2022

Open African Championship

 17 Sep 2022

Miniest Open

 17 Sep 2022

Branson Open

 17 Sep 2022

6th Matterhorn International Pro-Am


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