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Argentina  INESfun

22 Feb 2020 at 13:37

There are about 300 recesses on one golf ball, and thanks to them, the ball flies three times farther than a smooth one. ... Balls of the same size...

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United States of America  Smitty

09 Sep 2021 at 03:16

Congrats, Joey! Great playing.

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United Kingdom  Sheila | 119 views | 0 comments

01 Sep 2021 at 09:38

An apology

United States of America  PatPenguin | 206 views | 0 comments

22 Aug 2021 at 14:02

Alligators, hippos, giraffes....

United Kingdom  Squire | 436 views | 0 comments

08 Jul 2021 at 11:38

Back in action at Aces....

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Minigolf Dream Team 2011, girl juniors

Minigolfnews 09 Apr 2012 at 06:24 | Published by: JJM | Views: 6488 | News search

Minigolf Dream Team 2011, girl juniors
Annika, Vanessa, Anne, Katharina, Olivia.  (Photo by Pasi Aho and Astra Miglane-Stanwyck 2011)

The most respected girl junior players of the 2011 season, according to our public vote, are 1. Olivia Prokopová (CZE), 2. Vanessa Peuker (GER), 3. Katharina Benn (GER), 4. Anne Bollrich (GER).

Our 10 expert voters ranked the Dream Team of 2011 season a bit differently: 1. Vanessa Peuker (GER), 2. Anne Bollrich (GER), 3. Katharina Benn (GER), 4. Annika Dellmann (GER).

When the results of these two votes are combined, Vanessa Peuker can be celebrated as Girl Junior Player of the Year 2011, with 10.2% + 17.3% of the votes.

The expert vote included these persons: Pasi Aho (FIN), André Campos (POR), Erik Gustavsson (SWE), Manfred Lindmayr (AUT), Jan Pergl (CZE), Paolo Porta (ITA), Michael Smith (GBR), Petra Szablikowski (GER), Erik Tiekstra (NED), Lubomir Zontag (SVK).

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Comments (10)

United States of America Drex (Jon Drexler)

12 Apr 2012 at 14:13
I'm of the opinion that the rankings worked as intended. The experts, based on their experiences, identified the top players. Similarly, the public did the same. Between the two we've identified the players who have had top seasons, regarless of the style.

I think it is safe to say that Katharina, Anne, Vanessa. Olivia and the other top players listed have had excellent seasons and have much to be proud of. I suspect that all have the talent and dedication to be forces on the WC/MOS circuits no matter which path they choose.

I think the conversation about what it takes to crossover between MOS and EC/WC competitions is a good one. There is a lot to learn from each other and I have opened a forum thread to continue the discussion. Hopefully we can refocus this thread on the fine seasons these ladies have had.

Congratulations on the great seasons to all listed. Cheers!

France phil (Philippe Lheritier)

12 Apr 2012 at 11:56
Just one comment
What is the more difficult for american players when they come to play on european systems. Is it the lanes, or is it the choice of the balls?

I agree that walter, CJ or harald can obtain quickly a good result on MOS with some weeks of training. But I also think that good american players can obtain quickly results as good as european players on felt, eternit or concrete if ALL the players (european and american) play with only one ball.

One of the big difficulty in our "european" sport is the choice and the preparation of the balls. It will be also very interesting one day to see the results of WC on concrete or eternit if ALL the european players plays with the same balls = without coaching or with the same preparation for each player.

But of course, a part of OUR european sport is choice and preparation of balls and it will be very unintesresting to play on eternit with only one golf ball, it's why our european sport is really different of the US sport because I think our ball are really not interesting to play on MOS american system

Netherlands Knikjanus (Ernst-Jan Meijer)

12 Apr 2012 at 07:40
This discussion is repeating itself over and over..

But in my opinion Gustav is quite right in his observations, every "expert voter" problaby had a same kind of view, and yes, because they were all Europeans.

The conclusion that European "top players" wouldn't perform well on MOS is a bit rash. Look at the UK open, which has been won several times by, from origine, eternite/felt/concrete-players? And some European players which adapted MOS in earlier stages, also had some good results in the USA. So that's why I think that players like Walter or CJ also manage to make a good result on MOS if they give it a serious try.. And the other way around it's more difficult for MOS players to gain the same level at eternite, concrete of felt I think. I never played MOS like it is in UK or USA, but it looks less technical than the more European surfaces.. But ofcourse, I can be wrong.. Just like, for example, not every good concrete player automatically is a good player on felt of eternite.

The only good conclusion must be that we shouldn't make a big point over a survey like this, the number of voters says enough?

Sweden Gutte86 (Gustav Björnberg)

11 Apr 2012 at 18:44
Like you say Phillippe, it's a never-ending story, I can honestly say (since I never played a MOS-competition myself) that I don't know how I would end up in a competition with the worlds best MOS-players.
However, I believe that both Walter, Harald or C-J would be in the top of a MOS-WC with some months practice, though it would probably be harder for a MOS-player to go the other way and finish in the top of the WC (On felt/eternite or concrete/eternite).. BUT, let just settle with that we all have different angels on it, probably better that way! :)

France phil (Philippe Lheritier)

11 Apr 2012 at 09:21
It's funny to see how it could be difficult for an european player and an american player to agree about minigolf.
For WMF and the development of our sport, it's very important to have UK and USA in the world federation, but it's not so difficult to understand that there are 2 different kind of sport in our federation. I dont think we can discuss about the surface because for me, felt course, concrete and eternit are the same when played with competition balls. You can ask to walter Erlbruch or CJ Ryner to play on the 3 surfaces with their balls and the results will be good. At the opposite, what will be the results of walter and CJ on MOS??? Nobody knows and nobody knows what will be the results of the best american players on european system. Nobody knows what will be the results of Walter on concrete, eternit or felt with only 1 golf balls, and probably it's really not interesting for Walter or CJ to try. So, for me it's impossible to know if Olivia is better than katharina or Anne, except if you organize several tournaments with all the players and it will be a long discussion to decide about the tournaments because the european will ask 3 surface (eternit, felt and concrete) with tournament balls and the american wont agree because they have only one surface and they will ask tournaments with only golf balls and european wont agree............. it's a never ending story..............

United States of America Smitty (Jeffrey Smith)

10 Apr 2012 at 14:29
Gutte86, your points are well taken- but so is Viking's. How could Olivia, who is arguably one of the best MOS players in the world, be ranked 9th among junior girls by "experts"? Maybe they are just experts on 3 surfaces?????

Sweden Gutte86 (Gustav Björnberg)

10 Apr 2012 at 09:30
But YES, the jury are ofcourse all from Europe but still, the top Expert-ranked girls play on 3 different surfaces and Olivia "only" 1, all with great results, that is the difference in my opinion..

Sweden Gutte86 (Gustav Björnberg)

10 Apr 2012 at 09:25
It's always a matter of how you look at it, Olivia is no doubt a very, very, very good MOS-player, however, the other girls are very, very good in 3 different surfaces and all participated in YEC/WC that Olivia did not.

So comparing 1 person playing very good on 1 surface with great results but not playing EYC/WC vs. all the other playing very good on 3 surfaces and also playing YEC/WC with great results, I'd say the most allround would be the highest ranked. I haven't seen Olivia play very good this year in a big eternit/concrete/felt-competition (correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't really looked deep into the matter).

And the public opinion isn't always the statisticly correct one, 60 votes isn't a very big number and I also have a feeling that a lot of them are North-American (=higher ranking for Olivia)? Like I said, I'm not here to make someone upset, I'm just writing how I look at it, I see Olivia as one of the best MOS-player I've heard about but I can't say that I've seen much success on any other surfaces..

Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand how I think.. :)

United States of America Smitty (Jeffrey Smith)

09 Apr 2012 at 23:36
Obviously, the "experts" are very biased toward Euro style minigolf.

Sweden Viking (Pierre Geerhold)

09 Apr 2012 at 23:04
I have a very hard time too understand the so called Expert voters decission too put Olivia so far down as 9th place.

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