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Argentina  INESfun

22 Feb 2020 at 13:37

There are about 300 recesses on one golf ball, and thanks to them, the ball flies three times farther than a smooth one. ... Balls of the same size...

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Hungary  Magician

31 Dec 2021 at 16:55

Thank you, more posts are coming next year! :)

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United States of America  PatPenguin | 227 views | 0 comments

03 Jun 2022 at 05:46

2022 Tees Off in June!

Hungary  Magician | 250 views | 0 comments

19 May 2022 at 17:58

Gloucester Aces Open

Hungary  Magician | 459 views | 0 comments

30 Apr 2022 at 22:59

The Bad, The Good, and The....

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From which country will the overall WAGM 2022 (June 17-19) Champion come from?

- Sweden

- Finland

- United States

- Czech Republic

- Switzerland

- Austria

- India

- Great Britain

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Dellmann and Dahlstedt winners in heat

Portugal 09 Aug 2013 at 22:46 | Published by: Hans | Views: 6922 | News search

Dellmann and Dahlstedt winners in heat
The podium in the boys category with Jan, Alexander and Marcel  (Photo by Andreas Widen 2013)

The stroke play final day in Portel was played under extreme circumstances. It was so hot that the jury decided not to play at all for two hours midday.

On the course there were some exciting moments as well. In the girls category It was three girls with a clear grip on the medals in the end. It was more a question of what girls should take what medal. The strongest the final two laps was no doubt Annika Dellmann of Germany. Last year she took silver in the stroke play in Bad Münder, but this time she wanted more. Her final two laps of 35-20 was 8 better than Karolina Jandová of Czech Republic and 9 better than Martina Danner of Austria. And in the end Annika was the winner by a clear margin of 10 strokes before Jandová in silver position and Danner in bronze.

Final results girls:

1. Annika Dellmann, Germany 346
2. Karolína Jandová, Czech Republic 356
3. Martina Danner, Austria 357
4. Anna Rümmelin, Germany 360
5. Lara Jehle, Austria 362

In the boys category it was for long very much about the Anderegg brothers of Switzerland. It was the older brother Jan playing the best of all players in eleven rounds. But from behind Sweden’s Alexander Dahlstedt was sneaking playing better and better. And half way on the final round of felt Alexander could pass Jan and then he never lost this advantage. With his best round of 28 he took the gold with a three stroke margin before Jan Anderegg.

In third place came another playing sneaking up from behind. Germanys Marcel Waleska was just as Alexander a bit slow in the start, but with good performance on the last day he could pass the second Anderegg brother Lars to take the bronze. Lars Anderegg had to let two more Germans (Manuel Szablikowski Sebastian Piekorz) pass him ending up in sixth position after holding on to bronze position for most of the tournament.

Final results boys:

1. Alexander Dahlstedt, Sweden 321
2. Jan Anderegg, Switzerland 324
3. Marcel Waleska, Germany 328
4. Manuel Szablikowski, Germany 333
5. Sebastian Piekorz, Germany 336

Unfortunately the result service was not working properly from Portel today and most of the thrill online came using Facebook.

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Comments (3)

Netherlands Joep (Peter Joost Middag)

13 Aug 2013 at 13:20


Austria bub74 (Markus Berger)

09 Aug 2013 at 21:39
snyggt Alex :-)

Sweden Gutte86 (Gustav Björnberg)

09 Aug 2013 at 21:04
Anyone got some film from the last shot of Alexander?

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Rahmlow and Viberg two undisputed winners

Netherlands 09 Aug 2013 at 20:37 | views: 6088 | Comments: 0

In both the ladies and gentlemen class it was a one-man (woman) show from start to ending. In the ladies class Gaby Rahmlow won by 10 strokes, just as she did last year in Rozemaii. She could probably have won even more but it’s seemed that she had a hard time ...
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Rahmlow and Viberg two undisputed winners

Germany and Sweden takes the team gold’s in Appelscha

Germany and Sweden takes the team gold’s in Appelscha

Netherlands 09 Aug 2013 at 12:30 | views: 6774 | Comments: 2

It was the German ladies lead by their grand old lady Gaby Rahmlow that took the gold in the ladies class in Appelscha. But for quite long it was looking like the Swedish ladies should defend their title from last year. After 3 of six laps the Swedish ladies ...
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International comeback: Interview with Philipp Albrechtsberger

Austria 09 Aug 2013 at 09:22 | views: 8231 | Comments: 0

Interview with Philipp Albrechtsberger (PA), Austria and ASKÖ MSC Steyr This interview was done the 9th of August 2013. Interviewer is Hans Bergström (HB). HB: First of all welcome back on the international stage after being “away” since 2007. How come ...
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International comeback: Interview with Philipp Albrechtsberger

Austria and Germany take the team gold’s in Portel

Austria and Germany take the team gold’s in Portel

Portugal 08 Aug 2013 at 18:07 | views: 6434 | Comments: 0

The second and last day of team competition in the Youth European Championships in Portel, Portugal, ended in much drama. After the first day Germany was in joint lead together with Sweden in the boy’s category. In third place a bit behind (41 strokes) was ...
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