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Portugal  Ahnuc

17 Sep 2019 at 17:47

Hi Jeeb, Have a look here as well: [...] This is another supplier from Portugal. Kind regards, Nuno Cunha

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United States of America  PatPenguin

30 Dec 2019 at 13:04

If you do, then would love to have you provide your own detailed account of taking out a reigning champion :)

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United Kingdom  Squire | 22 views | 0 comments

20 Jan 2020 at 13:14

20 minigolf course visits in....

United Kingdom  Sheila | 346 views | 0 comments

04 Dec 2019 at 17:53

No Flakjacket Required - The....

United Kingdom  Sheila | 406 views | 0 comments

14 Nov 2019 at 18:49

Two Seconds Of Elation - The....

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If miniature golf was to be in the Olympics, which style of course would you like to see played?

- Miniaturegolf

- Concrete

- Swedish Felt

- MOS (Adventure Golf)

- Combination of 2 Styles

- Combination of 3 Styles

- Why not all 4?

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Total 20 votes, since 31 Jan 2018.

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Internet Community Rage

Italy 28 Aug 2010 at 23:18 | Published by: Hans | Views: 5107 | News search

Internet Community Rage The Internet community has been raged today by the lack of online results from Predazzo.

The arrangers didn’t know how to update the cup-three when the first round was finished in Bangolf-Arena. They tried a long time with different people as experts on the software but without any success.

This was of course a major irritation factor for the often thousands of online spectators to our sport. This is the major event of the year and now it’s not working is a argument heard in many of the different Minigolf forums around the Internet.

People have shown their irritation and one might wonder why the arrangers didn’t publish the result in another way earlier.

Still this evening the final rounds are missing from the result page. Minigolfnews have taken an old-school photo of the result board and its available in our Photo Gallery.

» Results from the finals and other photos



Comments (10)

Portugal AS (André Silva)

30 Aug 2010 at 21:19
I think the Finnish system is great. I've never dreamed I would be driving to work while checking the latest updated results of the Portuguese players at the SNC in Cheb!
I just don't know why it doesn't gives us the general statistics, because I know the software calculates that.
Of course there's a lot of hardware involved and the chance of failure increases. But as we've noticed in Italy, the human factor isn't all that reliable...

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

30 Aug 2010 at 18:46
Remember that it is WMF Technical Committee who finally decides how the system is _allowed to work_ during the competition.

We had some different ideas for the system before EURO 2008, but WMF Technical Committee decided what the user interface must include, and what is forbidden in it.

Sweden Hans (Hans Bergström)

30 Aug 2010 at 12:50
The main idea for Stockholm 2010 is to use BA + lane-by-lane functionality. WMF and the Swedish Federation are supporting this effort done by Lars Isberg. Uppsala and CJ helps us test and specify how it shall work. This is currently under development and the plan is to have a well tested solution by next summer. This is not the same solution that has previously been tried by Askim and is instead developed by Lars Isberg himself.

Sweden C-J (Carl-Johan Ryner)

30 Aug 2010 at 11:30
At the moment we in Uppsala are testing BAs lane-pr-lane function at it works really well. Hopefully we will invest in a bunch of WLAN capable phones and have a system in place for our clubcompetitions for next season.

Denmark leme (Leif Meitilberg)

30 Aug 2010 at 10:12
The Finnish system can not be handled by some local IT guy.
We used it in Odense (with great success thanks to Tommi) but it would never have worked without assistance.
Bangolf Arena can be handled by almost anyone (OK - IT knowledge helps) and are almost there when we talk about lane-pr-lane results.
My vote goes to Bangolf Arena

ps. IT can be a pain in the a..

Austria Austria (Rastislav Pomsahar)

29 Aug 2010 at 18:18
actually an austrian ad on TV says that
"...90 % of men do not "need" a user manual..."

some of you already mentioned earlier that everything is within the package. I believe there's nothing more to add?! :)

I am just astonished that no one had the idea to put the results in an excel file, make a pdf out of it and put in online.
ferrari-style-conflict-management :)

Finland JJM (John Mittler)

29 Aug 2010 at 18:08
Bangolf Arena is a very good program, with more functions than any other program has. Just not the cool photo layout, which I have designed to the Finnish system :-]

The Finnish system is usually rented as a total package, including the phones and an administrator who has years of experience using the program. That brings reliability to the system, when it is used by someone who really knows what he is doing.

Sweden Viking (Pierre Geerhold)

29 Aug 2010 at 16:31
Maybe its a good idea too use the same system as the Finish competitions do? Its much better then BA i think.

Austria Austria (Rastislav Pomsahar)

29 Aug 2010 at 14:00
you are hoping for the best, aren't you?

I am sure anyone else would have tested it before?!...

Slovakia Mariano (Marian Havlik)

29 Aug 2010 at 08:27
Two major events located in Italy next year. Hopefully, it will be a lesson learned for them.

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Rebecca Weber took her Second Gold

Switzerland 28 Aug 2010 at 19:42 | views: 5768 | Comments: 6

The success continued today for the Swiss ladies when Rebecca Weber took the individual Gold Medal after a thrilling ending in the finals. Just as back in Tampere the goddess of Luck was involved and on the Swiss side. Rebecca started of her day by winning ...
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Rebecca Weber took her Second Gold

Erik Tiekstra is the new European Champion

Erik Tiekstra is the new European Champion

Netherlands 28 Aug 2010 at 19:08 | views: 7169 | Comments: 1

Erik Tiekstra, The Netherlands is the new European Champion. He won in the final over Marcel Noack from Germany with a 5-1 margin. Erik did not at all have a easy journey to the final. In the first match he meet the Italian home favorite Rudi Giroldini. Then he ...
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Historical Swiss ladies Gold

Switzerland 27 Aug 2010 at 20:21 | views: 4605 | Comments: 0

For the first time in 24 years the Swiss ladies Team take the Team Gold in a European or World Championship. Last time was back in 1986 on home ground in Wohlen. Like the Germans on the men’s side it was never any threat to the Swiss Gold. The average of the ...
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Historical Swiss ladies Gold

Easy win for the Germans

Easy win for the Germans

Germany 27 Aug 2010 at 20:00 | views: 4496 | Comments: 3

The German men’s Team continued their outperformance of the other team as the team play ended in Predazzo today. In the end they had expanded their victory from 44 yesterday till 55 today. The German team was superior to the others on both eternit and beton. ...
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