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Austria  asdf2

18 Nov 2017 at 18:54

If you are interested in one of these balls send an e-mail to [...] Ältere Bälle zum Preis von € 12,50 3D 616 MR 3D WBGV GL M&G Grenzcup 2009...

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Poland  Mike_Misza

04 Mar 2018 at 23:54

Yes, it's a big relief for European teams, the plane ticket will be expensive enough;)

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New Zealand  camcouper | 101 views | 0 comments

15 Mar 2018 at 09:36

NZ Open weekend

New Zealand  camcouper | 173 views | 0 comments

06 Mar 2018 at 22:50

the end of the season.

United Kingdom  Sheila | 228 views | 0 comments

06 Mar 2018 at 22:13

Breaking The Ice: The story....

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Finland Oskari Vihervaara's blog« See all Obama's blogs

Experiments with children
08 Nov 2011 at 12:13 | Posted in: General | Views: 5403 | Comments: 5
Experiments with children

Good to see this site up and running again. For me it means that it’s time for another awful and pitiful blog post. It’s about time I write something because not only the site has been down but also I’ve been banned from our national forum. So I’ve been like a blind man in a dark room or a crack addict without crack or even worse: I’ve been like Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream without the chunky nut pieces.

About the topic. If you think what I think then please leave this site now. There is other sites for people who wan't to do "Experiments with children" and from what I understand this site is not one of those.

Ok let’s get on what I really have to say… It’s me again. The very nice and polite young gentleman from Finland and this time I have a report to make. As some might remember I was talking about the state of this sport in my last blog. So I tried to do something to improve it… This spring (May) I arranged P.E classes from two different schools. I did the tutoring myself for approximately 200 pupils from the age of 11-14 years old. I arranged about 20 lessons (1 hour a piece) for groups of 8-12 persons. During the classes I first taught the basics of a swing, stance etc. Then I’ve gave them the permission to play a round and I walked around and tried to give instructions and motivate everyone. After EVERY class I shared my thoughts with the pupils and I gave them papers which had information about minigolf school (FREE) that I would host in june. I had great times with many of the kids and at least 30-40 expressed intrest towards the minigolf school.

So after couple of weeks since the P.E classes it was time to start the minigolf school. I had great hopes that many would show up because there was kids that were really excited to play and learn.

You know how many kids showed up to the first lesson? I can give you all the names who showed up: Aziz. An immigrant from Nepal called Aziz who kept asking over and over again: “This is free right? Right?”. Now don’t get me wrong Aziz was a good bloke although his finnish was really bad and we didn’t have a common language so we just kind of kept our mouths shut and played rounds. His best rounds were around 80 or 90 strokes and when I tried to give him instructions he didn’t understand and got so frustrated that he just ran all over the place and on the lanes and just played sort of “freestyle minigolf”…

I think it was the 4th lesson when we finally got someone else to join the crew with me and Aziz. The apple doesn’t drop far from the tree: It was Aziz’s little brother!!! Unfortunately they both moved to Helsinki before the course even ended…

Well. Better luck next time I suppose. A definition of a mad man is that he keeps doing the same mistakes in hope of a different outcome. But wait… Isn’t that the whole point of life?

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Germany Mittel (Stefan Mittel) | Delete

16 Nov 2011 at 12:15
Keep the fire burning!

Good luck for next year.

Finland JJM (John Mittler) | Delete

10 Nov 2011 at 08:27
Just an idea: unlimited free minigolf for schoolchildren aged 7 - 16 during May and September (the months when the minigolf course is open but nobody visits it because of cold weather and no holiday season). If you lose something in ticket sales, you probably win it back in kiosk sales.

Finland Obama (Oskari Vihervaara) | Delete

09 Nov 2011 at 21:33
So what would I do different? Definately get better equipment. 90cm club for a 12 year old is too long. So clubs with rubber on both sides (I just think the rubber is essential... (unless you have other birth control methods)), different heights between (65?)-90 cm. I think using the "public" balls would be the best way to start and after a while introduce a couple of essential balls. My personal opinion is that it's best to start from felt. It's the most simple surface to start. Hit straight. Hit straight and hard and after that it's only theory. If there's junior players at your course just go and talk to them. I think it wouldn't be that hard to recruit 4-5 juniors for a small minigolf school. Little bit of free ice cream and the deal is sealed. It's not that much of work after all and it's fun.

If you have any temptations to do minigolf school for juniors then DO IT! Hopefully I'll still be alive next summer so I can host my school again. Little bit more experienced I will get my army of minigolf minions. Next summer I will report that 150 juniors have officially joined our club.

Maybe senior minigolf school too?

Finland Obama (Oskari Vihervaara) | Delete

08 Nov 2011 at 19:18
Small man big mouth.

Finland JJM (John Mittler) | Delete

08 Nov 2011 at 18:35
Banned from the Finnish minigolf forum? Would be fun to hear the reason for that. Foul language? Disrespect of authorities?

(Hmm, was some problem with the commenting function, how it should work OK.)
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